Triple Net Commercial Financing

Single Tenant Net Lease Loans

Triple Net (NNN)
Commercial Financing

This includes financing Commercial Buildings and large long term leased buildings usually occupied by Class A, Investment Grade Tenants. This includes Strip Malls, Single Tenant Buildings, & Net Lease tenant financing.

  • Single tenant loans up to 75% LTV
  • No upfront application or processing fees
  • Simplified application process
  • Terms and amortizations up to 30 years
  • Loans for purchase and refinance, including cash-out
  • 24 hour written pre-approvals with no cost and no obligation
  • Low stepdown prepayment penalties
  • Non-recourse and partial-recourse options available
  • Fixed rate loans up to existing lease term

Benefits of Single Tenant Net Lease Loans

There are many benefits to purchasing net leased properties and obtaining NNN financing. Triple net leased properties make it much more feasible for single tenant retail investors to purchase properties that can provide long term revenue streams. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a single tenant net leased property for your next purchase:

Triple net leases typically provide an investor with a single tenant on a long-term lease. It is very normal for these tenants to have a lease with over 10 years remaining on the term. These long-term leases provide the property owner a more stable source of rental payments. Short term leases in local retail centers can be disastrous for an investor. If the lease ends and the tenant does not renew, it could take a long time to fill the vacancy. Triple net tenants provide a certain level of certainty that rental payments will be made for a significant period of time.
NNN leases significantly reduce the amount of time, energy and money that the property owner has to put into his or her building. With triple net leases, the tenant deals with property maintenance and pays taxes and insurance leaving the property owner with much more time and capital to invest in other properties.
Additionally, net leases are very predictable and simple. Both parties are aware of the structure and the terms of a net lease upon signing the lease. This makes it simple to know what the rental income or payment will be throughout the entire term of the lease. All rent increases are on NNN properties are agreed to upfront by both parties, providing a stable income stream for investors.

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